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Our extreme duty stump bucket is the most effective and versatile stump bucket on the market. The long profile and curved bottom make quick work of large stumps and can pry up rocks with ease. It reaches far under the stump and tears the roots with the teeth located on the side of the bucket. Other uses for this stump bucket include: prying up old fence posts, removing sidewalks and asphalt, and digging ditches and swales.

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Stump Bucket Features Include:

  • Curved bottom for better leverage
  • 3 replaceable cast teeth
  • 1” x 8” cutting edge
  • Heavily gusseted quick attach
  • Reverse curled teeth up both sides
  • Narrow profile digs without wedging in the ground
  • Measures 56” long


Blue Diamond Stump Bucket in Action



Blue Diamond Stump Bucket Specifications