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Excavator Attachments 

Excavator Tree Grubber

The Blue Diamond® Tree Grubber attachment is an effective tool for permanent removal of unwanted shrubs and trees. Designed to prevent regrowth from the taproot, the grubber can protect your land from persistent invasive brush and trees.

Features include :

  • Designed for permanent taproot removal
  •  3/4” or 1” steel construction
  • Available to fit up to 40,000 lb machines
  • Available with an 18×19 or 24×24 mount
  • Great visibility

Product Specs

Part NumberCarrier SizeMounting PlateWeight (without mount/Mount sold separately)
1021106,000 - 20,000 lbx18" x 19"285 lbs
10215020,000 - 40,000 lbs24" x 24"342 lbs


Excavator Attachments