Mini Hydraulic Breaker Image & Features

Mini Hydraulic Breaker

Absolute superiority is the only way to describe this breaker!  After 5 years of very thorough industry research, we began to fully understand the drastic unmet needs of the industry.  The quest to develop a breaker that would satisfy these needs drove us to extremes to be able to offer technology, simplicity, reliability and ease of set up and service support, just to name a few points.  Hydraulic Breakers (also known as hammers) are an investment that can at times have an entire job dependent on them.  Choose your breaker wisely!


  • Under-water ready
  • Most durable design in the industry backed by a 3 year warranty!
  • No tie rods to come loose or break
  • Anti blank firing system with hydraulic brake
  • 1 accumulator with energy recovery system
  • No re-gassing needed
  • Self-regulating valves to protect breaker from over pressurization and back pressure
  • Only 2 internal moving parts

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