Rental Recommended Attachments

What attachments are suitable for rental use?

When purchasing attachments for use in a rental application, there are many things to consider such as:

  • Durability.  Lets face it, these attachments do not get looked after like something the contractor owns! Look for attachments with well routed and well protected hydraulic and electrical components. Be sure that moving parts have grease fittings.
  • Flexibility of the host machine. Some attachments are very limiting as to what machines they can be used on due to electrical plugs, hydraulic flows and slight differences in mounting and/or hose routing.
  • Availability of parts and service support.  Down time is lost opportunity and money. The quicker you are back in operation, the sooner it is making you money again! Is your vendor able to respond quickly when you need them?
  • ROI. Obviously, the biggest factor is how fast you can recover your cost and move into the profit zone. This is not achieved by purchasing the lowest cost attachment to start with. It is buying an attachment that will last for a long time and will be the attachment that customers love to use. They will keep coming back because it does the job so well!

At Blue Diamond Attachments we have had many years of experience in supplying the rental market. We are striving to share our market knowledge by using the “Rental Recommended” seal in our catalog and price guide. The factors we listed are just a few of the qualities that were reviewed for this analysis and we trust it adds value to the rental industry that we support. This does not mean that attachments not marked with this seal cannot be used for rental applications.  However, it does mean that we feel there may be factors to consider when selecting those attachments for rental use.