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Why is the Stump Bucket Attachment So Popular?

StumpBucket_5The Blue Diamond stump bucket remains one of our top sellers for a number of reasons.

With so many stump buckets available, it helps to understand some of the basic reasons our stump bucket remains the preferred attachment.

First is the curved bottom, this creates a fulcrum point that allows you to use the weight of your machine instead of totally relying on lift capacity. Using this crowbar effect, you can substantially increase what you can break out of the ground!

Secondly is the length, the Blue Diamond stump bucket is one of the longest stump buckets on the market, again creating more leverage. This length also allows greater reach, which is important in getting to the center of large stumps or when digging ditches.

Thirdly is the narrow floor on the bucket. Many stump buckets have a floor that widens as it goes back creating a wedge effect. This tends to make the bucket difficult to penetrate deep into the ground. Our bucket only widens by 2” front to back and we have achieved a wider top by leaning our sides outward. This has created a bucket that penetrates even very hard ground with ease.

Other features that give added performance and strength are: backward curved teeth cut in the side for pulling out roots, ½” steel construction double layered in areas, 1” x 8” cutting edge for strength, and a gusseted quick attach.

The Blue Diamond Severe Duty Stump Bucket remains the industries heaviest built stump bucket to date. Using 4″ square tubing, a formed bottom versus welded and the popular ESCO super V teeth, this brutal bucket holds a 0% breakage rate!

This stump bucket is like having a large crowbar on the front of your skid steer! Pry up sidewalks, driveways, fence posts, rocks, dig stumps and ditches, your imagination is the limit!