December 10, 2020

I really love the simplicity of the machine as well as how it helps me to cut back limbs and such from my fence lines around hay fields and pastures to protect my tractor cabs and such.

Charles Wakefield, Wakefield Farms

December 10, 2020

We have a set of Blue Diamond pallet forks. They have been a great help with a few projects and are still in great condition!

Tony Carmichael, Allfasteners

December 8, 2020

I recently purchased a extreme duty brush cutter and am extremely satisfied. I had another brand that was nothing but trouble and about half the weight. Brush mowing is inherently hard on equipment and this unit takes it in stride. I looked at a lot of brands and thought this unit was a nice balance of capacity, weight, price, and low profile for getting under trees. It is also very quiet as compared to the other brand I owned that sounded like a airplane propeller. Also Blue Diamond was the only manufacturer that touted the shaft and bearing size which is the weak point in many brands. Lastly, don’t fall for the cheap brands because trying to find Chinese bearings, seals, motor , or gearbox is no fun.

Drew Frasz, SiteBoss Excavation

December 7, 2020

3/4 yard dispensing bucket with hydraulic door was a great tool for my skid steer.
I have used it on footers, piers and walls.
Easy to clean too.



Jason Church, Church’s Backhoe Service

December 7, 2020

Used my Blue Diamond 25 ton log splitter for the first time today. Awesome! I can run my machine on idle and split wood by myself very quickly. Totally endorse this attachment.

Mick Rau, Overton Farms

December 3, 2020

We bought a Blue Diamond Grapple for our MT-85 for doing tree work and loading brush piles into our chipper. It works great and hooks up in seconds.

Colby Thatcher, Award Services

November 30, 2020

Very well pleased with the 72” brush cutter. Considering steeping up to the mulcher. A+ customer service.

Casey Ferguson, Walden Farms

November 30, 2020

I have the Blue Diamond 72 inch 4 blade brush cutter and I absolutely love it. I’m using it on my Kubota svl 75 works great together. Some of my customers have even commented that the job that I have done with this brush cutter is comparable with work they have had done with a forestry mulcher. I would recommend the Blue Diamond brush cutter to anyone looking to buy a great piece of equipment.

Rick Lashley, BGC Land Improvement, LLC

November 30, 2020

Purchased many attachments through Bobcat of Knoxville, back hoe, snow/mulch bucket and rock bucket. Works flawlessly and if I need anything I have Brien hook me up with your products.

John zMarsee, John's Big Rig Towing

November 30, 2020

I bought a Blue Diamond stump bucket a few years ago to uproot trees. At the time, I researched a number of brands and Blue Diamond had the best design. I’ve uprooted probably a few thousand trees, from a few inches diameter to about 18”, and the bucket Works Great. The length and the width of the bucket make it efficient for digging and reaching out without being obstructed. It’s a great piece of equipment!

Stan Janusz, Janusz Tree Farm

November 30, 2020

I used one of the mini backhoe attachment for a skid steer today with flawless and enjoyable ease!! Making my job a breeze.. This attachment belonged to a friend of mine so today I now plan on buying one from my local dealer for my machine.

Eric Britton, Engines and Autos

November 30, 2020

Just spoke with Jan. Awesome to speak with, a great help. Keep it up, you guys are great.

Phillipp Duesler, Crystal Tractor

November 30, 2020

Purchased through James River Equipment arrived 11/20 . Within 1 hour on farm we were sold . Will be used for maintaining our horses riding trails . Also for covering over grown brush on forest floor . We are very pleased.

Eddie Hite, Flat Hat Farms

November 20, 2020

Great products. Great service.

Alex Hammers, Oge' Machinery

November 19, 2020

The stump bucket is very heavy duty. I went with Blue Diamond because I’ve always heard how heavy duty they are and last forever. I’m very pleased with how it works and it’s great for many different jobs.

Trey Rollins, Rollins Tractor Service’s, LLC

November 18, 2020

I bought a mower for my excavator; it is the bomb! I go up and down my stream beds and through my forest logging trails. Brush and small trees get disintegrated and disappear. Very tough and reliable. I highly recommend Blue Diamond Attachments.

Toby Smith, Smith Brothers Contracting Equipment, Inc

November 16, 2020

Purchased the Extreme Duty Grapple through AgPro and was very satisfied with the quality and durability of the unit….will definitely purchase other Blue Diamond Attachments.

Justin Hayes, H&H Farms

November 13, 2020

Thanks to Matt in sales dept for helping me with a sale. He went out of his way to discuss with customer and myself. Your people have all been very helpful to me since my return back to Wilson.


November 13, 2020

The attachments we got for the Toro Dingo we have are great. We got the auger and did a planting of over 54 2”-2.5” trees and arborvitae and it was great. It replaced 2-3 guys the way it cut through the soil. Best investment ever. We are now looking into the backhoe attachment. Thanks guys

Alan Hamann, Tide Landscape

November 12, 2020

I bought your Blue Diamond Severe Duty Stump Bucket from SkidSteers.com and am very pleased with it. It is super tough. I took out about a dozen trees with it, some of which were 24” diameter and stood 35’ or more in height. This bucket did the job easily, once you figure out how to use the leverage built into it. I found that sinking the bucket at an angle with the boom arms raised several inches gives the ability to curl the bucket and push the boom arms down at the same time, really gives incredible ripping power. Maybe consider a video showing the technique. I was able to break roots that were 5” in diameter and larger ones were easy to take in two swipes by ripping it in half first. My soil is a gumbo clay so it is not easy digging but this bucket design worked really well. You should have a lifetime warranty on it as I see no way someone can tear this thing apart. I encountered some rocks/concrete around some angle iron legs from an old windmill and was able to remove all of it easily. One of the bucket teeth actually cut through the angle iron with no apparent damage to the tooth. I could not be more pleased. Now, I have to figure out which rake or bucket to buy for cleaning up limbs, roots and rocks, as I created a mess. I might mention that this was so much faster than using a chainsaw and then digging out the stump, I took the entire tree down and then carried it with my skid steer to my brush pile. My skid steer is a Case 465 so it is not the largest out there but it is sizeable and there is no way for it to tear up this bucket.
Thanks for a great Made in the USA product, which was also one of my requirements for purchase.

Bradley Schick