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I sold a customer a cat 299c…

I sold a customer a cat 299c with open front brush cutter and here is what he said. “The BD cutter is a beast!! Ate 5 in cedars like straw!!!! Thanks for your help!”

- Dealer in San Antonio TX
With the economy effecting every purchase…

With the economy effecting every purchase made these days, I had to research the purchase of a new heavy duty mower very thoroughly. After looking at several brands and talking to their representatives I ordered one of the open faced extreme duty mowers from Blue Diamond.

When it was delivered I had several jobs lined up for it and was able to pay for it the first week out in the field. As advertised, I used one direction for grass cutting and the other direction for brush and trees. It has worked great and both the people at Blue Diamond and the dealer in Mississippi I ordered it from have been very helpful and quick to respond to me when contacted. I would recommend anyone thinking of buying a brush cutter to consider this mower. For the weight, size, performance and cost you can’t beat it.

- Alan Davis, Woodlot Management
The PT100 has a low flow…

The PT100 has a low flow of 70lpm [~18 GPM]. This is currently the main machine we are using on the slasher [Blue Diamond Extreme Brush Cutter]. Works like a dream. The old RC60 still does the job albeit at about half the pace.

- From a dealer in Australia

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