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Skid Steer Attachments


Our Blue Diamond® Auger Adapters allow you to mount Blue Diamond® Auger Bits on any Auger Drive unit. Select the dimensions and configurations that you need, and you’ll be able to mix and match mounts and bits, giving you a full line of earth drilling and augering tools with full functionality and versatility!

Check out our Blue Diamond® Auger Adapters listed below.

Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachment Auger Adapters

Product Details

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  • Strong and durable
  • Available in 6 configurations
  • First dimension fits drive, second dimension fits bit
  • Cannot be reversed
  • Easy to install and remove
Part NumberModelWeight
2051052” Hex Female To 2” 9/16 Rd Male20 lbs
2051102” Hex Female To 2” Rd Male17 lbs
2051112” Hex Female To 2 1/2” Hex Male35 lbs
2051152” 9/16 Rd Female To 2” Hex Male15 lbs
2051202” 9/16 Rd Female To 2” Rd Male13 lbs
2051252” Rd Female To 2” Hex Male12 lbs
2051302” Rd Female To 2” 9/16 Rd Male13 lbs
2051352.5” Hex Female To 2” Hex Male43 lbs
2051362 5/8” Hex Female To 2” Hex Male43 lbs