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The Right Equipment that Customers Need the Most

Having our Rental-Recommended attachments in your inventory establishes you as the go-to source.

Skid Steer

Beyond Limits to Revolutionize Efficiency

Unlock your Skid Steer's full potential with our versatile attachments. Experience efficiency, reliability, and a myriad of options for your machine.

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Blue diamond extreme duty closed front skid steer brush cutt

Extreme Duty Closed Front Brush Cutter

Tackle dense vegetation effortlessly with this robust brush cutter, designed for uncompromising durability.

View Extreme Duty Closed Front Brush Cutter
Blue diamond severe duty root grapple on excavator

Severe duty Root Grapple

Conquer tough terrain with ease using the powerful grip of our Severe Root Grapple, ensuring efficient debris handling.

View Severe Duty Root Grapple
Blue diamond severe angle broom skid steer

HEAVY DUTY Angle Broom

Keep surfaces immaculate with precision and speed using our Heavy Duty Series 2 Angle Broom, crafted for optimal cleaning performance.

View Heavy Duty Series 2 Angle Broom

Mini Skid Steer

Small Machines, Big Impact

Elevate your Mini Skid Steer's performance with our top-notch attachments when you need them. Position your business as the productivity partner for customers needing attachments for these compact machines.

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Blue diamond mini pallet forks attachment

MINI Pallet Forks

Enhance material handling efficiency with our easily adjustable Mini Pallet Forks, perfect for lifting and transporting loads with ease.

View Pallet Forks
Blue diamond tooth bucket attachment for mini skid steer

MINI Bucket

Adapt to various tasks seamlessly with the dual functionality of our durable Mini Bucket, available with smooth, toothed, or bolt-on edges.

View Mini Bucket
Blue diamond mini skid root grapple attachment

Mini Root Grapple

Master landscaping projects with our Mini Root Grapple effortlessly, providing exceptional control and maneuverability.

View Mini Root Grapple


Superior Attachments for Crews that Can’t Wait

Maximize your These Excavator attachments maximize productivity for your customers out in the field. You’ll be renting the best attachments as well as trust and reliability.

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Excavator Auger

Auger Drive

Expedite precision digging with our Auger Drive, designed for efficient and reliable drilling performance.

View Auger Drive
Blue diamond breaker attachment on skid steer


Demolish obstacles swiftly and precisely with our Excavator Hydraulic Breaker that delivers powerful impact forces for efficient demolition and rock breaking.

View Breaker Hammer
Blue diamond 36 inch brush cutter on excavator


Navigate dense growth effortlessly with our powerful Mini Excavator Brush Cutter, offering superior cutting performance and efficient ground clearing.

View Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

Other Applications

Blue diamond dual blade grader attachment on mini skid steer


Buckets, graders, plows, and more – our attachments deliver the productivity and confidence you need every day.

View Optimize Efficiency
Blue diamond single spear hay bale spear attachment on tract

Farm & Agriculture

Season after season our attachments are the foundation of your productivity. Blue Diamond delivers confidence beyond rugged equipment.

View Maximize Productivity
Blue diamond mini land plane attachment on mini skid steer

Concrete & Asphalt

Ensure smooth, reliable results and reduce downtime on concrete and asphalt jobs. Our mixers and planers are your trusted allies to get the work done.

View Upgrade Tools For Results

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This stump bucket far exceeds the workload I put on the old implement which I have since sold. No more downtime from broken hoses.

Mike Doherty
Concan Cedar

I whole heartedly recommend the Severe Duty Blue Diamond cutter to anyone like me who isn’t afraid to get in there and cut down anything! It will not disappoint!

Donald Harward
Real Man TruckWorks & Survival

Awesome attachment split two cords in half the time. Also split 24 in diameter oak with no problem!

Curtis Koehler

This blower is a beast. I put it on my Tobroco Giant G3500 Tele. Technically I can blow snow 14ft deep. Bring it on! All Blue Diamond Attachments are made rock solid!

Craig Arliss

I want to thank Blue Diamond Attachments for lending a skid steer to the recovery efforts in Bowling Green after the tornados of Dec 11th. At a time when there is so much need, the presence of your equipment made a huge difference.

Philip Lienesch

Love the Blue Diamond Brush Cutter. Don’t know how I survived without it.

Darryl Livanec