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How it Works

BD Assist in Action

At Blue Diamond Attachments, our 'Blue Diamond Assist' program expresses our commitment to giving back to communities across the U.S. We stand side-by-side with aide workers and recovery teams, providing essential equipment to help rebuild and restore shattered dreams. We set aside a fleet of high-performance equipment to speed recovery from floods, hurricanes, tornados, and other natural disasters.

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BD Assist Helping

Witnessing Impact of BD Assist

Explore BD Assist stories across the United States where Blue Diamond delivered equipment for restarting communities after storms, fires, and other disasters.

Core Values

Guiding Principles

At Blue Diamond Attachments, our core values are more than words; they're the essence of our identity.

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethics in all that we do.

  • Commitment to Quality: We're dedicated to excellence in every attachment, making quality the cornerstone of our work

  • People-Centered: Our valued customers and dedicated team members make Blue Diamond possible.

  • Caring and Giving: Our Blue Diamond Assist program exemplifies our commitment to giving back and caring for our community.

  • Keeping Our Word: We honor our commitments, and our word is our bond.

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