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Attachments Designed to Expand Your Machinery's Capabilities

Powerful attachments for Skid Steers, Excavators, and Mini Skids. Enhance your efficiency with these essential tools

Skid Steer

Revolutionize Concrete & Asphalt Work with Our Skid Steer Tools

Power through concrete and asphalt jobs with our versatile skid steer attachments that define reliability and efficiency.

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Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachments Skid Steer Attachments Cold Planer High Flow Gallery 3

High Flow Cold Planer

Efficiently mill through asphalt and concrete surfaces, ensuring a smooth finish for your projects with this high-flow cold planer attachment.

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Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachments Cold Planer Severe Duty High Flow

Severe Cold Planer

Tackle tough asphalt and concrete milling tasks with the reliability and power of our severe-duty cold planer attachment

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Blue diamond severe angle broom skid steer

Severe Angle Broom

Geared for power and engineered for durability. The Severe Angle Broom with hydraulic angle control and universal quick attach mount handles dirt, snow, and more.

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Precision and Productivity at Its Best

Power through concrete and asphalt tasks with our versatile attachments. Discover reliability and efficiency in every project, making your work seamless and productive.

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Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachments Skid Steer Attachments Cold Planer High Flow Gallery 10

Mini ex Cold Planer

Engineered with rugged components, our cold planer features manual depth control, high drum weight to reduce vibration plus easy-access tooth replacement.

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Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachments Skid Steer Attachments Cold Planer Low Flow Gallery 2

Severe Cold Planer

Transform your mini excavator into a powerhouse for milling asphalt and concrete surfaces with our Severe Cold Planer. Designed for durability and precision, this attachment delivers a smooth finish.

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Blue Diamond Excavator Mount Hydraulic Breaker Gallery 3

Excavator Breaker

Minimize downtime and break through concrete and asphalt effortlessly with our powerful excavator breaker hammer, ensuring efficiency and reliability in every project.

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Other Applications

Category construction


Buckets, graders, plows and more – our attachments deliver the productivity and confidence you need every day.

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Category landscaping


We shape your outdoor spaces with equipment ranging from tree spades to trenchers to create beauty in the land with precision and reliability.

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Category material handling

Material Handling

Efficient material handling is vital across industries. Our attachments, from forks to buckets, optimize workflows. Lift and move with ease, reducing labor and increasing productivity. Blue Diamond Attachments streamlines your material handling processes, making work easier and more efficient.

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This stump bucket far exceeds the workload I put on the old implement which I have since sold. No more downtime from broken hoses.

Mike Doherty
Concan Cedar

I whole heartedly recommend the Severe Duty Blue Diamond cutter to anyone like me who isn’t afraid to get in there and cut down anything! It will not disappoint!

Donald Harward
Real Man TruckWorks & Survival

Awesome attachment split two cords in half the time. Also split 24 in diameter oak with no problem!

Curtis Koehler

This blower is a beast. I put it on my Tobroco Giant G3500 Tele. Technically I can blow snow 14ft deep. Bring it on! All Blue Diamond Attachments are made rock solid!

Craig Arliss

I want to thank Blue Diamond Attachments for lending a skid steer to the recovery efforts in Bowling Green after the tornados of Dec 11th. At a time when there is so much need, the presence of your equipment made a huge difference.

Philip Lienesch

Love the Blue Diamond Brush Cutter. Don’t know how I survived without it.

Darryl Livanec