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Box Blade Scraper

The Standard Duty Blue Diamond® Box Blade Scraper is designed for working topsoil, gravel, mulch, or manure. Ideal for use on the farm, at building sites, or outdoor arenas. The Standard Duty scrapers work with 15 hp to 45 hp tractors and are available in 2 widths: 48″ and 60″. The 48″ unit features 3 adjustable ripper shanks and the 60″ model features 4. The Standard Duty scrapers are compatible with the Category 1 quick hitch. 

For tougher jobs, the Heavy Duty Blue Diamond® Box Blade Scraper will stand up to the tasks required to maintain your farm, building site, or landscaping projects. Featuring adjustable heavy-duty ripper shanks, these units make quick work of ripping up dirt, grading and leveling land, or spreading soil. Heavy Duty models work with 30 hp to 70 hp tractors and are available in 3 working widths from 72″ to 96″. The Heavy Duty scrapers are compatible with both Category 1 and Category 2 quick hitches.

Blue Diamond Box Blade Scraper 1

Product Details

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  • Adjustable ripper shanks
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 2-year warranty
Part NumberModelHorsepowerWidthMoldboard WeightOverall DepthWeightNumber of ShanksA-Frame MaterialCutting EdgesQuick-Hitch Compatible
4261048"15-4548"17"22"290 lbs33/8"6"Yes
42601560"15-4560"17"22"323 lbs43/8"6"Yes
42611072"30-7072"17"22"530 lbs51/2"6"Yes
42611584"30-7084"17"22"586 lbs61/2"6"Yes
42612096"30-7096"17"22"640 lbs61/2"6"Yes