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The Blue Diamond® Open Front Extreme Duty Brush Cutter is not only a brutal machine, mowing up to 6″ to 8″ material, but it also cuts grass better than any of its competitors. Why limit yourself to doing one or the other? You don’t have to sacrifice any performance to be versatile! Find out why the Blue Diamond® Brush Cutter is the most popular skid steer brush cutter in the industry!

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Product Details

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  • 3.5″ (at bearing, 4″ at seal) forged one piece spindle is the toughest in the industry.
  • Grease-filled drive dramatically improves bearing life and downtime due to seal damage
  • Custom purpose built motor and relief block out last industry standard motors
  • External cross-port reliefs protect motor versus internal relief valves
  • Fully enclosed motor compartment keeps out the debris that causes overheating issues, especially see in new Tier 4 version machines.
  • No rear roller to bounce off stumps or pull cut debris along. Open design allows smoother operation
  • Bi-directional cutting allows for control of the discharge angle, as well as doubling the use of the blades
Part NumberModelRequired FlowWeight
10301660” Low Flow-Open Front16-26 GPM1,220 lbs
10302572” Low Flow-Open Front16-26 GPM1,547 lbs
10301760” High Flow-Open Front27-40 GPM1,220 lbs
10303072” High Flow-Open Front27-35 GPM1,555 lbs
10303272” High Flow-Open Front36-45 GPM1,555 lbs