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This extremely handy job site Blue Diamond® Dumpster Bucket is well worth its weight. Put it close to the work being done as an oversized trash bucket and just carry it to the large dumpster when full. It can also be used to carry light weight product around job sites or even tools. Other uses include carrying mulch, trees, shrubs, gravel, and sand. Rental Recommended.

Product Details

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  • 6′ wide 1.5 yard capacity
  • Skid steer quick attachment
  • Drain holes in bottom to allow water to escape
Part NumberModelStruck CapacityWeight
10889850" Dumpster Bucket27.6 cu ft360 lbs
10889966" Dumpster Bucket37.3 cu ft430 lbs
10890072" Dumpster Bucket40.5 cu ft510 lbs
10890284" Dumpster Bucket47.3 cu ft595 lbs