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Bucket – Turkey Litter – Heavy Duty

The Blue Diamond Turkey Litter bucket allows you to move large volumes of light material in one scoop. These large capacity buckets were originally designed to clean out turkey farms, but also work great for sawdust, corn, or other light materials.

Blue Diamond Turkey Litter Bucket Heavy Duty

Product Details

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  • 42” deep front to back
  • Reinforced back and floor
  • Pre-drilled for bolt-on edge option
  • 1/4” wrap thickness
Part NumberModelWeightCapacity
10874578" HD Turkey Litter Bucket, 1/4" Wrap750 lbs1.8 cubic yard cap
10875084" HD Turkey Litter Bucket, 1/4" Wrap890 lbs2.0 cubic yard cap
10875196" HD Turkey Litter Bucket, 1/4" Wrap970 lbs2.2 cubic yard cap