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Blue Diamond® Buckets are our most popular general purpose and heavy duty for excavators. They are used for digging in a broad range of materials, including dirt, clay, and rock. Optional side cutters are available for all buckets for machines 12,000 lbs and larger. We use AR400 on the sides, cutting edge, mounting brackets, and reinforcing wear bars. AR400 is much stronger than T1 and more wear-resistant. The shell is constructed from A-572-50 because it has to be rolled. J Series Style Teeth are standard, but other teeth are available.

Blue Diamond Excavator Bucket Attachments Gallery 2

Product Details

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  • Designed with heavy-duty AR400 steel and optional side cutters
  • Equipped with thick wear straps and wear pads
  • Included with standard J Series Style Teeth
  • All excavator buckets are built to OEM specifications
  • Optional dead pins available
BrandPart NumberModelAvailable Sizing
710051212” 303/303.5/304E135 lbs
710051818” 303/303.5/304E195 lbs
710052424" CAT 303/303.5145 lbs
710101212” 304C/304-CR135 lbs
710101818” 304C/304-CR145 lbs
710212424” 307E/308D & E275 lbs
710213030” 307E/308D & E275 lbs
710213636” 307E/308D & E325 lbs
710301818” 311/312 313/314585 lbs
701051212” 27/35 ZTS COUPLER135 lbs
701051818” 27/35 ZTS COUPLER145 lbs
701052424” 27/35 ZTS COUPLER155 lbs
701053030” 27/35 ZTS COUPLER165 lbs
701101212” 50/60 COUPLER95 lbs
701103030” 50/60 COUPLER125 lbs
701111212” 75/85 MOUNT135 lbs
701151818” 75/85 MOUNT145 lbs
701153636” 75/85 MOUNT285 lbs
701201818” 120/135 MOUNT245 lbs
720051212” KX057 QUICK COUPLER175 lbs
720052424” KX057 QUICK COUPLER215 lbs
720151212” KX121/KX040/KX91 QUICK COUPLER175 lbs
720151818” KX121/KX040/KX91 QUICK COUPLER230 lbs
720152424” KX121/KX040/KX91 QUICK COUPLER365 lbs
720153030” KX121/KX040/KX91 QUICK COUPLER461 lbs
720153636” KX121/KX040/KX91 QUICK COUPLER220 lbs
720303636” KX161 QUICK COUPLER295 lbs
705152424” TB145/TB250145 lbs
705201212” TB260155 lbs
705202424” TB260185 lbs
705203030” TB260185 lbs