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The Blue Diamond® Heavy Duty Excavator Drum Mulcher is one of the fastest ways to tear down a forest. Turn trees to wood chips in minutes using our durable drum mulcher built with high strength steel.  Recommended for 4 to 10 MT mini and mid size excavators.

No job is too big or small with cutting widths from 30 to 50 inches. All our drum rotors have fixed teeth set in helical position with “p-cut” depth limiters. Choose the reversible carbide teeth option for maximum tooth lifespan when working in rocky areas! And with centralized grease points and hydraulic quick couplers, you can trust that routine maintenance is straightforward and easy.

The Heavy Duty model comes with a double row of chains to keep material flowing and shield the operator from thrown debris.

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Product Details

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  • 4 - 10 MT Excavator Size
  • Available in 30”, 40", and 50” cutting widths
  • Manually adjustable 26-45cc Bosch Rexroth motor
  • Recommended Flow is 10-35 GPM
  • 4” diameter cutting capacity
  • 2,600-4,000 PSI required pressure
Part NumberModelRequired FlowMotor SizeWeight
19051030" HD Excavator Drum Mulcher, , fits 7K-20K machines10-24 GPM45cc893 lbs
19051540" HD Excavator Drum Mulcher, fits 11K-20K machines14-35 GPM45cc1,015 lbs
19052050" HD Excavator Drum Mulcher, fits 15K-20K machines16-35 GPM45cc1,147 lbs