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Absolute superiority is the only way to describe this breaker!

We here at Blue Diamond® have completed our 5 year quest to develop our superior Hydraulic Breaker for excavators. This “hammer” design offers technology, simplicity, reliability, ease of setup, and service support. Our hydraulic breaker has little to no downtime. Get started on your demolition, construction, and quarry jobs today!

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Product Details

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  • 3-year warranty
  • Mono-block design / no tie rods
  • Anti-blank firing system hydraulic brake
  • No re-gassing needed
  • Only 2 internal moving parts
  • 2 speed control / variable stroke
  • Quiet operation
  • Self-regulating
  • Body bushings around piston
Part NumberModelWorking PressureMax Oil FlowFrequency (BPM)Operating WeightTool DiameterEnergy ClassCarrier Weight(PSI) Back Pressure
135005HB501,75071,200132 LBS1.51001,500-2,650 LBS290-360
135009HB951,750111,200220 LBS1.82002,650-4,000 LBS290-360
135016HB1651,750131,200370 LBS2.24004,000-6,600 LBS290-360
135021HB2101,750161,100463 LBS2.55006,100-9,900 LBS290-360
135030HB3001,75021.21,100661 LBS2.97008,800-15,500 LBS290-360
135040HB4001,75029.2900882 LBS3.11,00013,500-20,900 LBS363
135053HB5301,750329001,169 LBS3.31,20017,650-25,350 LBS363
135095HB9501,950349002,161 LBS42,00022,000-33,000 LBS363
135098HB14002,05037600-8002,976 LBS4.63,00030,000-50,000 LBS145
135100HB18002,05053490-6303,968 LBS5.44,00048,000-70,000 LBS145
135105HB25002,20061460-6305,291 LBS65,00060,000-80,000 LBS145
135110HB30002,35075380-5006,614 LBS6.57,00070,000-110,000 LBS145