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Hay Spear - Single HEAVY DUTY

Blue Diamond® offers a high quality yet compact hay spear. It is available in two styles: a single spear with stabilizers for round bales or a double bottom style for large square bales, which can also be used as a pallet fork. The high quality German-made spear tines are rated for 3,500 lbs each, and the lower stabilizers are replaceable. These strong frames are powder coated, and a bolt-on back rack is available. All Blue Diamond® Hay Spears carry a one-year warranty. Most mounts for skid steer and tractors are available.

Product Details

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  • Single, double, or quad spears
  • Optional bolt-on rack
  • 3,500 lb spear capacity
  • Euro-Ag/Global and John Deere 400/500, 600/700 mounts available
Part NumberModelSpear Length
311003Hay Spear W/HD Stabilizers (Short Spear)36"
311006Hay Spear with Standard Stabilizers48”
311007Hay Spear W/Standard Stabilizers & Back Rack48"
311008Hay Spear W/HD Stabilizers48”
311009Double Bottom Hay Spear (Short Spears)36"
311010Double Bottom Hay Spear48”
311011Double Bottom Hay Spear with Rack48”
311040Double Top Tine Hay Spear W/Bottom Stabilizers48"
311045Quad Bottom Hay Spear, 45" Wide48”
311050Quad Bottom Hay Spear, 60" Wide48"
311060Quad Bottom Hay Spear, 75" Wide48"