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Heavy Duty Series 2 Multi-Purpose Blade

The Blue Diamond® Heavy Duty Series 2 Multi-Purpose blade is designed for commercial tractors. At 28” tall, this blade is purpose-built for large applications and has an optional 8” height extension that can be bolted on for even more capacity. The curved back keeps the material rolling for maximum efficiency. Adjustable skid shoes allow the cutting edge to land perfectly every time. The full-trip mouldboard protects the operator and equipment from hidden obstacles or curbs. These blades have a trip-lockout pin that can be installed when using the blade for dirt applications.

*Only compatible with tractors that have a skid steer mount

Product Details

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  • Available in 84”, 96”, 108”, and 120” widths
  • 28” blade height
  • Optional bolt-on 8” height extension
  • Full-trip mouldboard
  • Steel cutting edge
  • Hydraulic angle
Part NumberStraight WidthAngled WidthAngleHeightWeight
12347084”72 1/2"30°28"901 lbs
12347596”82 7/8"30°28"946 lbs
123480108”93 3/8"30°28"986 lbs
123485120”104 1/8"30°28"1,016 lbs