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The Blue Diamond® Mini Snow & Mulch Bucket is ideal for handling bulky items with your mini skid steer. This bucket will survive the toughest conditions with its reinforced bracing in the main frame, wear bars on the underside, and quality construction. It is made of 3/16” steel and comes standard with a D-ring.

Product Details

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  • Available to fit most mini skid steers
  • Standard widths: 36″, 44″, & 52″
  • Optional bolt-on cutting edge
  • Reinforced frame
  • 22″ tall
  • Standard D-ring
Part NumberModelStruck Cap.Weight
10850334” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 22” Back8.51 CU FT101 lbs
10850536” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 22” Back9.41 CU FT249 lbs
10851044” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 22” Back11.50 CU FT414 lbs
10851248” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 22” Back12.09 CU FT325 lbs
10851550” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 22” Back12.55 CU FT310 lbs
10851752” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 22” Back13.64 CU FT331 lbs
10851854” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 22” Back14.09 CU FT450 lbs
10852060” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 3/16” Wrap15.17 CU FT450 lbs
10868544” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, High Back W/Mesh12.31 CU FT400 lbs
10869048” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, High Back W/Mesh13.5 CU FT350 lbs
10851348” Bucket, Snow/Mulch1 YARD507 lbs
10861248” Bucket, Snow/Mulch, 1/4 Wrap1 YARD620 lbs