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Pallet Forks - 2,000 LBS. Capacity Light Duty

Blue Diamond® offers a large selection of pallet forks for tractors. Pallet forks are one of the most used attachments next to buckets and must be built well. Seeing your tines is important, so all Blue Diamond® frames have excellent visibility. We offer pallet forks from 2000 lbs. to 6000 lbs. capacity and offer a variety of tine lengths. Steps on the side of the frame are available on most models to allow the operator a safe place to step while entering or exiting the machine.

Blue Diamond Pallet Forks 2000 Lbs Capacity Light Duty

Product Details

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  • Lightweight
  • 42” x 4” x 1 1/2”
  • 2,000 lb. capacity
  • Excellent visibility
Part NumberModelTine SizeLift CapacityWeight
314003Pallet Fork, Light Duty42” X 1 1/4”2,000 lbs322 lbs
314061Pallet Fork, Light Duty36” X 1 1/2”2,000 lbs295 lbs
314060Pallet Fork, Light Duty48” X 1 1/2”2,000 lbs371 lbs