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Our new Blue Diamond® Tall Frame Heavy Duty Pallet Forks are rated for 6,000 lbs lift. Featuring a heavier frame than our standard height Heavy Duty frame, these forks bring a few additional benefits. A heavy D-ring comes standard as do a high-visibility back rest and steps on each side. The back rest on this frame is set forward so the face of the backrest is flush with the front of the tines below. With a massive bottom frame and bracing, these forks are ready for whatever you’re lifting. They come standard with 48″ or 60″ adjustable tines.

Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachments Pallet Fork 6000 Capacity Tall Frame HD

Product Details

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  • Includes D-ring
  • 4” carriage bar
  • Excellent visibility
  • Side steps for easy access into your machine
  • 6,000 lb capacity
  • 45″ wide (Outside of tine measurement)
  • 38″ tall
Part NumberModelTine SizeLift CapacityWeight
314019Pallet Fork, HD, W/Steps/D-Ring48" x 1 3/4"6,000 lbs375 lbs
314020Pallet Fork, HD, W/Steps/D-Ring48" x 1 3/4"5,500 lbs486 lbs
314021Pallet Fork, HD, W/Steps/D-Ring60" x 1 3/4"6,000 lbs560 lbs
314022Pallet Fork, HD, W/Steps/D-Ring60" x 1 3/4"5,500 lbs260 lbs
314023Pallet Fork, HD, W/Steps/D-Ring72" x 1 3/4"6,000 lbs562 lbs
314024Pallet Fork, HD, W/Steps/D-Ring42" x 1 3/4"6,000 lbs481 lbs