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The Blue Diamond® Extreme Duty Rock Bucket is one of the heaviest rock buckets available. With the increased horsepower and size of many new skid steers and compact track loaders, this rock bucket has become very popular. The 1/2″ tines will stand up to the abuse of the largest machines, and the closed in quick attach area protects the operator by keeping debris from coming back through the quick attach.

Blue Diamond Rock Bucket Standard Extreme Skid Steer Attachments

Product Details

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  • Constructed from 3/8″ thick material 3″ spacing between tines
  • Mounts available to fit most machines
  • Available in widths 66″, 72″, 78″, and 84″
  • Also available with a top grapple


  • Raking rocks or debris from soil
  • Land clearing and brush removal
  • Separating dirt from firewood or roots
Part NumberModelTine ThicknessWeight
10832066” Standard Duty Rock Bucket3/8"424 lbs
10833572” Standard Duty Rock Bucket3/8"465 lbs
10835078” Standard Duty Rock Bucket3/8"512 lbs
10840566” Extreme Duty Rock Bucket1/2"615 lbs
10841072” Extreme Duty Rock Bucket1/2"615 lbs
10841578” Extreme Duty Rock Bucket1/2"656 lbs
10842084” Extreme Duty Rock Bucket1/2"690 lbs