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The Blue Diamond® Screening Bucket is used for the screening, aerating, separating and mixing of soils, aggregates, wood chip and compost. The efficient screening process is created by the star rotors agitating the material, causing the fines to flow through the rotating stars leaving the oversized material in the bucket. A hydraulic flow regulator is included to maintain correct RPM for poly stars.

Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachments Skid Steer Attachments Skid Steer Screening Bucket

Product Details

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  • 1” or smaller material will flow through
  • Horizontal shafts, fitted with poly stars that rotate in the same upwards direction
  • Hardened steel cutting edge
  • 2-position mount plate
  • Hoses and couplers included
  • Mounts available to fit most machines
  • 1-year warranty
Part NumberModelWeight
14501047" Skid Steer (Req. Mount)928 lbs
14501560" Skid Steer (Req. Mount)1,325 lbs
145050Screening Bucket Mount Skid Steer95 lbs