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The Blue Diamond® Skid Steer Snow and Mulch Bucket is a very popular bucket for a wide range of uses. This high volume bucket, also know as a chicken litter bucket, is used for snow removal, mulch, wood shavings, gravel, and a host of other applications where lightweight material needs to be moved in bulk. Now available in 48″ and 60″ with a 1 yard heaped capacity! Not all snow and mulch buckets are equal. This Blue Diamond® bucket uses gussets that tie the floor to the back of the bucket in the quick attach area. Snow removal and barn cleaning often see higher travel speeds increasing the force of the floor being driven back when hitting obstacles. This feature has increased bucket life substantially.

Product Details

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  • 26” high back
  • 38” deep front to back
  • Reinforced back and floor
  • Pre drilled for bolt-on edge option
  • Available in 3/16” wrap or 1/4” wrap
Part NumberModelStruck CapacityWeight
10852060” Snow & Mulch, 3/16" Wrap21 cu. ft.450 lbs
10853066” Snow & Mulch, 3/16" Wrap22.9 cu. ft.468 lbs
10854072” Snow & Mulch, 3/16" Wrap25 cu. ft.508 lbs
10854578” Snow & Mulch, 3/16" Wrap27 cu. ft.550 lbs
10855084” Snow & Mulch, 3/16" Wrap29.1 cu. ft.605 lbs
10857090” Snow & Mulch, 3/16" Wrap31.2 cu. ft.601 lbs
10858096” Snow & Mulch, 3/16" Wrap34.5 cu. ft.767 lbs
108590102” Snow & Mulch, 3/16" Wrap35 cu. ft.728 lbs
Part NumberModelStruck CapacityWeight
10862060” Snow & Mulch, 1/4" Wrap21 cu. ft.532 lbs
10863066” Snow & Mulch, 1/4" Wrap22.9 cu. ft.550 lbs
10864072” Snow & Mulch, 1/4" Wrap25 cu. ft.575 lbs
10865078” Snow & Mulch, 1/4" Wrap27 cu. ft.805 lbs
10866084” Snow & Mulch, 1/4" Wrap29.1 cu. ft.875 lbs
10867090” Snow & Mulch, 1/4" Wrap31.2 cu. ft.950 lbs
10868096” Snow & Mulch, 1/4" Wrap34.5 cu. ft.1,000 lbs
108682102” Snow & Mulch, 1/4" Wrap36 cu. ft.1,115 lbs