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The Blue Diamond® Heavy Duty Snow Pusher offers excellent value for the light user to the commercial snow removal contractor. It uses an adjustable rubber cutting-edge and bolt-on wear shoes made from AR400. The rolled moldboard keeps the snow load live to reduce the host machine horsepower needed to move large snow loads. The Heavy Duty model uses thicker wear shoes, heavier side plates, and more crossbraces than the Standard Duty model. A vertical brace ties the crossbraces together to spread out the impact force on the Heavy Duty unit.

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Product Details

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  • 3 horizontal structural tubes from side to side
  • 2 vertical reinforcement gussets to tie all 3 structural tubes together with the quick attach
  • 3/4″ AR400 wear shoes
  • 1/4″ side plates
  • Rubber cutting edge
  • Rolled mouldboard to keep snow load live
  • Pull-back option available
  • Available in 72″ (665 lbs.), 96″ (770 lbs.), and 120″ (875 lbs.)
  • Powder coated
Part NumberModelWeight
12011160” Snow Pusher, W/Rubber Edge625 lbs
12011372” Snow Pusher, W/Rubber Edge650 lbs
12011596” Snow Pusher, W/Rubber Edge835 lbs
12013572” Snow Pusher, Heavy Duty624 lbs
12015096” Snow Pusher, Heavy Duty770 lbs
12015572” Snow Pusher, Heavy Duty875 lbs
12011472” Snow Pusher, Pull Back Option, Standard/HD100 lbs
12011796” Snow Pusher, Pull Back Option, Standard/HD132 lbs
120122120” Snow Pusher, Pull Back Option, Standard/HD165 lbs
220330Optional Poly Skid Shoe (Req 2)14 lbs