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The Blue Diamond® Skid Steer Sod Roller makes laying large sod rolls simple. Slide the roller shaft through the center of the roll and then pick it up with the attachment and roll sod out. The sod roll can be mounted to roll out driving either forward or in reverse. This easy-to-use attachment comes in a variety of widths: 36″, 42″, 50″, and adjustable – for use on every sod installing project. Rental Recommended. This attachment can also be used to roll out other products such as barbed wire rolls, cable, and wire.

Product Details

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  • Can be mounted to roll out while driving either forward or in reverse
  • Comes in 36″, 42″, 50 widths
  • Easy to use and adjustable


  • Barbed wire rolls
  • Cable
  • Wire
Part NumberModelWeight
10220036” Sod Roller with 40” Arms225 lbs
10220236” Sod Roller with 32” Arms225 lbs
10220542” Sod Roller with 40” Arms240 lbs
10221550” Sod Roller with 40” Arms255 lbs
302310Adjustable, 36"-48 Wide Roll, 32" Arms265 lbs
302305Adjustable, 36” - 48” Wide Roll, 40" Arms280 lbs