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The Blue Diamond® Standard Duty Landscape Rake works well for cleaning and preparing sites for seeding. It can spread rocks, move debris, and reshape soil. Designed for use by landscapers and contractors, it will meet the demands required for golf course maintenance, terracing hillsides, shaping run-off control ditches, and preparing areas for reforestation. The rakes feature a 5-position angle adjustment, are available in widths from 48” to 72”, and are compatible with a Category 1 quick hitch.

T Landscape Rake SD st1 433015 web

Product Details

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  • Great for all types of landscape and clean up work
  • 5-position angle adjustment
  • Category 1 hitch
  • 2-year warranty
Part NumberModelHorsepowerTines/FootWorking WidthWeightA-Frame MaterialMainframe
4330104'15-256 per ft48"174 lbs3/8"4" x 4" angle
4330155'20-456 per ft60"198 lbs3/8"4" x 4" angle
4330206'25-456 per ft72"224 lbs3/8"4" x 4" angle
4330257'30-456 per ft84"251 lbs3/8"4" x 4" angle
4330308'35-456 per ft96"281 lbs3/8"4" x 4" angle