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This extremely durable Blue Diamond® Skid Steer Trencher has many features that make it a more productive unit than our competitors. The extended auger carries the dirt further from the trench to prevent it from falling back in. The self-adjusting crumber brings any residual dirt back to the chain to be removed from the trench for an immaculate finish. Rental Recommended.

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Blue Diamond Skid Steer Attachments Trencher

Product Details

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  • Extended auger
  • Adjusting foot to keep trench depth consistent
  • Depths: up to 36″, 48″, or 60"
  • Cut widths: 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″
  • Chain types: dirt, rock, and combo
  • Spring-loaded, self-adjusting crumber for sweeping the trench clean
  • Manual adjusting side shift
  • Side auger to prevent dirt falling back into the trench
  • Eaton drive motor
Part NumberModelWeight
131110Trencher, 36” Depth, 4” Dirt Chain390 lbs
131125Trencher, 36” Depth, 4” Combo Chain697 lbs
131140Trencher, 36” Depth, 4” Rock Chain751 lbs
131115Trencher, 36” Depth, 6” Dirt Chain575 lbs
131130Trencher, 36” Depth, 6” Combo Chain780 lbs
131145Trencher, 36” Depth, 6” Rock Chain751 lbs
131120Trencher, 36” Depth, 8” Dirt Chain585 lbs
131135Trencher, 36” Depth, 8” Combo Chain780 lbs
131150Trencher, 36” Depth, 8” Rock Chain751 lbs
131210Trencher, 48” Depth, 6” Dirt Chain1,120 lbs
131230Trencher, 48”Depth, 6” Combo Chain1,075 lbs
131250Trencher, 48”Depth, 6” Rock Chain1,075 lbs
131215Trencher, 48” Depth, 8” Dirt Chain1,120 lbs
131235Trencher, 48”Depth, 8” Combo Chain1,120 lbs
131255Trencher, 48”Depth, 8” Rock Chain1,120 lbs
131220Trencher, 48”Depth, 10” Dirt Chain1,120 lbs
131240Trencher, 48”Depth, 10” Combo Chain1,120 lbs
131260Trencher, 48”Depth, 10” Rock Chain1,120 lbs
131225Trencher, 48”Depth, 12” Dirt Chain1,120 lbs
131245Trencher, 48”Depth, 12” Combo Chain1,120 lbs
131265Trencher, 48”Depth, 12” Rock Chain1,120 lbs
131300-HFTrencher, High Flow, 60” Depth, 6” Combo1,020 lbs
131305-HFTrencher, High Flow, 60” Depth, 8” Combo1,040 lbs
131310-HFTrencher, High Flow, 60” Depth, 12” Combo1,080 lbs
131005Trencher Mount Skid Steer 47 1/8" Wide146 lbs
131006Trencher Mount, Wide Frame Side Shift 73 3/4" Wide200 lbs