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Trencher - HIGH FLOW

The High-Flow Blue Diamond® Skid Steer Trencher takes efficiency to a new level. A five foot cutting depth combined with an adjustable depth control system provides the operator with precision and productivity. The extended auger carries the dirt farther from the trench to prevent it from falling back in. The self-adjusting crumber brings any residual dirt back to the chain to be removed and an adjustable foot keeps the trench depth consistent. The Eaton drive motor mounts to an industry leading planetary drive that provides the high torque to the digging chain. This attachment has been designed and built for the serious contractor who depends on production and reliability. And it is made in USA with American components!

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SS Trencher High Flow 60in st1

Product Details

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  • Recommended flow of 28-45 GPM
  • Cutting depths up to 60″
  • Combo chain with 6″, 8″, and 12″ cutting widths.
  • Extended auger removes debris quickly
  • Adjusting foot to keep trench depth consistent
  • Spring-loaded, self-adjusting crumber for sweeping the trench clean
  • Manual adjusting side shift
  • Side auger to prevent dirt falling back into the trench
  • Bell Eaton drive motor
Part NumberModelWeight
131300-HFTrencher, High Flow, 60” Depth, 6” Combo1,020 lbs
131305-HFTrencher, High Flow, 60” Depth, 8” Combo1,040 lbs
131310-HFTrencher, High Flow, 60” Depth, 12” Combo1,080 lbs
131005Trencher Mount Skid Steer 47 1/8" Wide146 lbs
131006Trencher Mount, Wide Frame Side Shift 73 3/4" Wide200 lbs