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Do not let the size of the Blue Diamond® Vibratory Series 2 Post Driver fool you! This unit packs more of a punch than most hammer-style drivers on the market. By using hydraulic orbital technology, this vibratory post driver uses your machine’s auxiliary flow in the most efficient way. Rental Recommended.

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Blue Diamond Skid Steer Vibratory Post Driver Attachment 1

Product Details

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  • Easy to transport and store
  • Available with 4″, 6″, 9″, 10”, or 12″ adapter
  • Requires 7-26 GPM auxiliary flow
  • Weighs 540 lbs.
  • Optional tilt function
  • Interchangeable mount
Part NumberModelWeight
100502Post Driver, Vibratory (Requires Mount)264 lbs
100507Post Driver, Vibratory, W/Tilt (Requires Mount)400 lbs
100510Vibratory Tilt Option123 lbs
100555Skid Steer Mount125 lbs
1005164” Round Post Adapter15 lbs
1005216” Round Post Adapter17 lbs
1005269” Round Post Adapter19 lbs
10052810” Round Post Adapter37 lbs
10053112” Round Post Adapter50 lbs
10055212” Square Flat Post Adapter41 lbs
10055312” Round Flat Post Adapter