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Choose the Best Bolt-on Edge for Your Skid Steer Bucket

Installed Tooth Bar WEBREADY 1

Having different bucket bolt-on edges can significantly level up your bucket game! Bolt-on edges primarily extend your bucket’s life span by protecting and preventing wear on the bucket’s leading edge. Besides extending life span, some bolt-on edges can be swapped out to increase efficiency for specific tasks. Bolt-on edges are easily replaced once the useable life of the first edge has been reached.

Read on to discover the different types of Bolt-On edges offered by Blue Diamond!


This is the most popular cutting edge option. Smooth bolt-on edges protect and add strength to the front end of the bucket. They’re replaceable and can be reversed before the edge wears back into the bucket. Once both sides are worn completely, the edge can easily be replaced.


  • Inexpensive and versatile choice
  • Quickly protect and add strength
  • Reversible for extended lifespan
Installed BOE WEBREADY 2

tooth bar BOLT-ON EDGES

Tooth bars
are a great edge option that can increase your efficiency in certain environments. If you are working in rocky soil or digging out roots, a tooth bar can help the job go much smoother by increasing leverage and breaking up large materials. Increase your digging ability without sacrificing the ability to scoop loose dirt. However, keep in mind that if you want to back drag, grade, or plow snow, you may need to remove the bolt on tooth bar to get the desired finish.


  • Efficient choice for certain environments
  • Quickly increase your bucket’s versatility
  • Increase digging ability in tough soil
  • Built specifically for Blue Diamond® buckets
Installed Tooth Bar WEBREADY 1

Serrated BOLT-ON edges

A Serrated Cutting edge is one of the most versatile options you can choose to put on your bucket. This edge is the best of both worlds – use the serrated side like a tooth bar and reverse it to use the smooth side like a regular bolt–on edge! You can grade, dig, level, and back drag with this edge! A serrated edge allows you to easily break up tough material like frozen ground, ice, packed gravel, and hard clay just like a tooth bucket would. Rotate the bolt on edge to use the straight edge when a smooth finish is needed. This edge is durable and can easily be replaced.


  • Versatile option for lots of situations
  • Durable and easily replaceable
  • Best of both worlds – use as a smooth edge or a tooth bar!
  • Break up the toughest environments
Installed Serrated Edge WEBREADY 2

If you’d like to learn more about our bolt-on edges, or if you’re ready upgrade to a new bucket, get in touch! We’ve got the products and expertise you need to choose the very best skid steer attachments.

We’re ready to take your call at 800-376-7027. For more information on the entire line of Blue Diamond® buckets give us a call.