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Blue Diamond® Assist: Making a Difference through Community Assistance

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What is Blue Diamond® Assist?

Blue Diamond® Assist is a funded equipment program that gives back to communities in need. BDA helps clean-up efforts after natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and forest fires. Since its creation in 2016, BDA has helped countless communities recover from devastating debris by sending equipment from our fleet free of charge. The equipment stays in the community helping for as long as recovery efforts are taking place.

Who does BDA help?

Blue Diamond® Assist supports non-profits, government agencies, and communities in need. The fleet helps clear roadways, remove debris from neighborhoods, and more. Communities are often left to face the aftermath of a storm alone. BDA fills these gaps and provides concrete results in areas most negatively affected.

We have helped communities and non-profits recover from natural disasters and other unfortunate situations. BDA stepped in after the 2016 Smoky Mountain fires to clear the streets of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. In 2020, Blue Diamond® Assist cleared land for Shining Light Equestrian to clear a new pasture in Knoxville, Tennessee. Blue Diamond® Assist helps across the United States after a deadly “Derecho” storm in Midway, Iowa in 2022 and after Hurricane Ida in Louisiana and Mississippi.

How can you get involved?

Reach out when you or your community needs help

If there is a natural disaster near your area, tell your local leaders about this program. And if you do represent a non-profit or a government agency in need of this program, please reach out to us. You can fill out an application and someone will reach out to you about the next steps.

Remember, this equipment is loaned free of charge for disaster cleanup.

Supporting Blue Diamond® Attachments!

Blue Diamond® Attachments was established in 1995 and later founded Blue Diamond® Assist. This program allows us to provide assistance while giving back to communities that need our help.

By continuing to support Blue Diamond® Attachments, you help us in this mission. As we make our attachments better, we will then be able to help that much more. Better innovation at Blue Diamond® Attachments means more efficient help in your community.