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Severe Duty Brush Cutter Update

Severe Duty Brush Cutter Update

4/1/2017 first production run completed and shipped out. Available to order now.



Testing on the new severe duty brush cutter has progressed well through the fall as we have tried to expose it to as many different applications as possible. While the summer testing mostly focused on thick green grass and working in high heat, we have now switched to clearing large brush. We even have a unit running in retention ponds in water!

We have also tried to expose it to as many different machines as possible from smaller low flow machines to the biggest hi-flow machines available. Some of what we found out so far is:

  • It’s even quieter running than our current Extreme duty (especially on startup and wind down)
  • The pressure gauge lets you know when you can push it harder or need to slow up to keep it at max cutting capacity
  • The serrated fly wheel pulls larger material into the deck and shreds it up well
  • It’s extremely smooth running
  • The torque is unbelievable



Field tests of this new brush cutter have been above and beyond our expectations! One contractor that operated it for a day had a comment that he was not sure he could come up with many reasons to keep his mulch head after using this unit. For 3 days we ran this 200 cc high flow motor on a low flow skid steer with 16.9 GPMs to see what it would do. Yes, tip speed was slow, but there wasn’t anything you could do to bog it down. We mowed a 2 acre field with waist high grass in record time and at full travel speed using a T190 Bobcat! Then, using a Cat 299 high flow, we attacked trees up to 12″ with success… unbelievable. Logs on the ground became mulch quickly and brush literally disappeared without hesitation. We knew we had a winner, and have set ourselves to refine this unit. Working with the hydraulic motor engineers, we are pioneering technology to have these motors doing what the operators look for in the current Blue Diamond Brush cutters. This includes the bi-directional operation, quick braking system and we are adding numerous new features for added productivity.

The new features include:

  • A large visible pressure gauge on the rear of the motor cover to help the operator keep the cutter in its most productive zone
  • A 1″ fly wheel with serrated edges to assist in mulching
  • Bolt on adjustable wear shoes
  • easy entry deck design to make entering the skid steer cab easier

The refining process continues as we continue to experiment with blade heights and blade carrier designs for a late fall roll out of the brutal attachment!