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Extreme Duty Stump Grinder

After a number of years offering a stump grinder for a skid steer we made a decision, either build a highly efficient and effective unit or drop the idea completely. Many options are available on the market today yet it seems most customers are not happy with what they have.

This new model features a radial pistol motor that can produce incredible amounts of torque. On a skid steer you have limited amount of hydraulic HP so you must capture everything possible to produce effective results. The industry standard of using rotor type or roller gear type motors has proved to be about 70% efficient where the radial piston motor  is running about 94% efficient! The piston motor also maintains its torque through it flow range better therefore it does not require the machine to be at full RPM all the time. The current units on the market turn very slow to gain torque

Customers also told us that cutting in one direction was not efficient and the wished they could cut while going in forward and reverse. We have accomplished this by using a torsion cushion system that keeps the cutting wheel perpendicular while grinding in either direction. This also prevents from stalling out when accidentally moving the host machine to quickly.

The cutting wheel size is a 24″ diameter on the low flow models and the high flow models will have a 26″ wheel. Both models will have teeth on both sides for bi-directional cutting. We will be using the “Green Teeth” brand teeth as it seems they have been the most requested in the past.

We now feel confident that this will be the stump grinder that the serious tree companies will rely on. We also feel if you are going to grind any reasonable amount of stumps a year, this unit will be worth paying a little more for to save wasted time, fuel and unnecessary wear on the host machine.