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Best Grapple Styles for Different Uses

HD Root Grapple

Best Grapple Styles for Different Uses

We often get asked, what grapple style do I need? This is really an application based decision, but we can offer a few pointers. There are three basic types of grapples that you can choose from. Depending on your application, we can make it easy!

Grapple Buckets: the Grapple Style for Industrial Applications

Grapple buckets or flat bottom grapples are ideal for industrial applications like demolition, recycling, and scrap. Primarily these styles work best on hard, flat surfaces like concrete and asphalt. Grapple buckets keep all material contained and scrape the surface to a clean finish. 

Operators can use grapple buckets in agricultural settings. This can be convenient because one attachment, a grapple bucket can move both chips and logs. However, we would recommend using another style to minimize damage done to sod when raking up organic debris.

Root Grapple: the Grapple Style for Land Clearing

The root grapple is mainly associated with land clearing and tree work. This grapple uses an 8” spacing between tines to allow dirt to pass through the tines while still collecting branches, roots, and logs.

Several other features make this the ideal grapple for land clearing. The front cross tube allows the operator to control the depth of the tips by controlling the angle of the unit. Float the grapple on the surface without pushing up dirt with the cross tube. Operators can also use the cross tube to back-drag and smooth over a previously worked area. And with the open design, shake dirt out of root balls and brush piles!

Rock Bucket Grapple: the Grapple Style for the Most Versatility!

In the past, rock bucket grapples have mainly been associated with picking up and removing rocks. But recently, operators have discovered that rock bucket grapples are very versatile for many different applications!

With a 3” tine spacing, these grapples can still be used to effectively sift material, but operators are using this attachment for land leveling, light to mid land clearing, firewood moving, and brush removal!

The webbed front works great for shearing off or removing smaller saplings and brush. It can also shear off high points in dirt as the dirt can spread out into the bucket and drift out the back. And as the dirt comes up against the back tube, it is evenly spread out for a great land leveler type finish. Back-drag with the tips down to scarify a surface or rake!

If you want a grapple that can take care of just about any situation, a rock bucket grapple is your best choice!

Editor’s Note: We originally published this post in 2017 and we have since completely revamped and updated it for both accuracy and comprehensiveness.