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Low Flow or High Flow Brush Cutter

SS Brush Cutter ED open front grass ac1 web

Do you need to choose a low flow or high flow brush cutter when you’re cutting heavy brush? A common myth is that you must have a high flow machine to accomplish any sort of heavy brush cutting. In the past, this may have been the case, but Blue Diamond® Attachments came out with a Direct Drive 4-Blade Brush Cutter with low flow options that has proven this myth completely wrong!

We busted the myth by upgrading a number of features. First, we increased our motor size to drop the blade tip speed and increase torque. Then, we replaced our gear box with a custom-designed direct drive to reduce torque loss and increase mass in the main drive spindle!

Blade Carrier with Spindle for Increased Torque while Cutting Brush!

Instead of a spline connection to the blade carrier, we designed a new drive spindle! This spindle has a 1″ thick flange. The heavy duty 13″ diameter flange has an increased mass and stores more energy while spinning. 

Additionally, we upgraded our blade carrier from the older, traditional 2-blade style to a 1″ thick carrier with 4 double-edged drop-down blades! This massive upgrade causes the amount of stored energy to skyrocket!

With the stored energy increase from the flange and the carrier, our torque increased and helps the low flow cutter power through tough environments. These low flow brush cutters can cut 5″ and 6″ brush easily as well as mow thick grass and leave a clean finish. 

Direct Drive to Preserve Torque!

For added durability and torque preservation, we opted to develop a direct drive system instead of the more traditional gearbox! Read more about our direct drive system in our blog!

When deciding between a low flor or high flow brush cutter, a big factor is money! Choosing a low flow cutter allows you to save money on your machine; and with a Blue Diamond, you won’t sacrifice performance! You will operate more efficiently and keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket! 

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