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3 Must Have Skid Steer Attachments for Snow

Hi Back Snow Bucket2

To make the most of your skid steer, some attachments are must haves! There are some must have skid steer attachments for snow or other inclement weather. Specifically, there are some particular types of attachments that complement the ability of skid steers.

Read on to discover three of the must have skid steer attachments for snow!

Snow Blades

Snow blades are a great versatile attachment for skid steers.  We made our Heavy Duty Series 2 Multi-Purpose Blade for commercial contractors. This is great for large applications and also has an optional 8-inch height extension.

The multi-purpose snow blade has numerous features that include a hydraulic angle, steel cutting edge, and a curled back that keeps the snow rolling.

With a full-trip mouldboard for safety and a trip-lockout pin for other applications, this is one of the safest and most versatile skid steer blades.

Snow Pushers

Blue Diamond offers two different types of snow pusher: heavy duty and standard duty. For less extreme use and for those that are looking for a budget-conscious pusher that is still high quality, the standard duty is perfect. If you need a pusher that can stand up to heavy commercial use, we recommend the heavy duty snow pusher. All our snow pusher models have bolt-on replaceable wear shoes, 10-gauge moldboards, and a rubber cutting edge.

The Heavy Duty model includes benefits like corner markers, 3/8-inch side plates, and overall heavy construction. The Standard Duty option features 1/4-inch side plates and comes in 96-inch and 120-inch options.

High Capacity Buckets

For light material like chicken litter, feed, or snow, the Blue Diamond offers a high capacity snow and mulch bucket. The mesh strip attached to the 32-inch-high back increases visibility and safety.

Our design ties the bucket’s floor into the back for additional power with a 38-inch-deep floor with reinforced ribs. This bucket also features a powder coat finish, optional bolt-on-edge, and comes in sizes from 84-inch to 102-inch widths.

We originally published this post in 2014 and we have since completely revamped and updated it for both accuracy and comprehensiveness.