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New HD Brush Cutter Released

New HD Brush Cutter Released


Testing has been completed on the new HD skid steer brush cutter! This redesigned model features an accumulation of new engineering to seriously raise the bar for this already popular unit.  By redistributing material we have managed to keep the weight very close to the previous version yet drastically improved structure and functionality.

New features include:

  1. A  solid 3/4″ blade carrier with the new “perimeter wire stop” system. This new feature not only keeps wire and vines away from the bearing, it also keeps it out where it is easy to cut and remove. The previous system is still in place as a secondary back up, in the event something gets past.
  2. The new blade carrier also features the high performance “tri-axe” design with shorter blades and a larger diameter blade carrier.
  3. Taller deck clearance (9″) to allow for better discharge of material
  4. 70 degree angled back of deck that is made from box channel. This feature again helps with keeping the deck clear from bunching and gathering while also allowing it to ride over stumps.
  5. Much heavier wear bars have been added to the bottom of the deck side runners to provide strength and much longer life.
  6. The deck is now made from 1/4″ instead of 3/16″
  7. The new deck design helps with keeping the top of the deck clear of debris by using a more open design and lower profile deck braces. Some deck braces have been moved under the deck.
  8. The oil direct drive system has been replaced with grease drive that requires less maintenance.

This new model with be available earlier than expected and we are taking orders now. First units will begin shipping by Oct 1.