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New Mini Ex Brush Cutter Sizes

Blue Diamond Excavator Attachments Mini Excavator Brush Cutter Heavy Duty Gallery 9

Blue Diamond Attachments has added 2 new sizes to the already popular mini excavator brush cutters. The new 36″ and 42″ use a 3 blade system with straight AR400 double edged blades. These rugged units are already proving to be a top performers in the industry. Here are a few reasons to consider the Blue Diamond cutter over both competitive brands and flail style mowers.

  1. direct drive versus motor gearbox combinations!
  2. 3 blade versus 2 blade!
  3. mount bolts on versus welded mounts that limit from changing machines!
  4. more economical to purchase, maintain and operate than a flail mower!
  5. 3″ drive shaft versus 1.5″ shaft on right angle gearbox cutters!
  6. now stocking many mounts for popular machine brands for quick delivery!

The 50″ model will be available in the 3 blade version starting Sept 1 2015