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The new multi-blade by Blue Diamond Attachments!!

 When was the last time you were able to make money with your snow blade in the middle of June?

It is now a reality with the new multi-blade by Blue Diamond Attachments!

For the last 2 years, snowfall in many parts of the country has been lower than expected. Although we know this can change anytime, it has made us think “how can we help our customers get the best ROI on a skid steer or tractor blade, even in the middle of June?”

Traditionally, our company offered a “multi-purpose blade” that did a satisfactory job at back filling or light grading, but was by no means a fit for a professional snow contractor.  Or you could get the snow blade, which was most definitely contractor material, but was shed bound as soon as the first spring rain hit.

Now, the master of all is here!  This is an industry leading snow blade with all the features that any snow contractor seeks out.  Then, add features such as the new lockout function, and this blade also takes on the capabilities of light dirt work. This blade is a must have for contractors that are looking to keep their machines running all year round. 

Look for all-in-one features like these that help this blade stand above the rest.

  • Variable down pressure by tilting the quick attach
  • Built in oscillation with optional lock out for non-snow uses
  • Very compact design helps with hauling and storage
  • Dual trip springs with optional quad spring for large machines
  • Trip lockout design for pushing dirt, gravel or other loose materials
  • Sharp curve for rolling snow, requiring less horse power
  • Angles to 35 degrees
  • Corner markers included

This revolutionary design will incorporate 3 of our existing blades, bringing all the options into one truly unique blade! Keep an eye on our website as we continue to add new details on this, and other new releases.

click here for a spec sheet Multi Blade