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New Multi-Blade Field Test

Having snow this year is giving us more opportunities to demo the new Multi-Blade. All we can say is that the engineers definitely hit it right on this unit!

Between the variable down pressure and the oscillation, the blade seems to stay glued to the ground on uneven terrain. When cresting a rise in the track machine we were using, you could watch the blade go down and remain in contact with the asphalt. With our multi-layered shipping and receiving area, we have a number of height and angle changes that really highlighted how extreme of angles the oscillation is  able for. The range of movement seemed almost limitless! We also found how useful the 35 degree angle can be when covering a large area. It was evident that when the amount of snow being moved got to a certain point, the extra angle was an asset that required less pushing force. All around, this highly capable blade is going to be setting new standards for the snow removal industry!