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New Pickup Broom

New Pickup Broom

When Blue Diamond decided to build a pickup broom we spent over a year researching the market. The results of what we found showed an overwhelming need for a high quality pickup broom that would be able to stand up in rental and in roadwork applications. Our engineer was given the task of designing the most rugged, user friendly pickup broom on the market. This has been accomplished with flying colors!

Due to the feedback we received during our research, we focused on these areas:

  • reinforcing the front of the broom to create a heavy structure that not only prevents damage, but houses the water lines.
  • creating a water system that is far more robust than what has been available
  • designing a bucket that has a heavier floor and cutting edge to reduce damage and downtime

The finished product has produced a premium broom that is now proving its value in rental applications and road milling.