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New Severe Duty Root Grapple

For 2015 Blue Diamond Attachments has released the new severe duty root grapple as an upgrade to our current extreme duty unit. We have taken any areas we have seen to cause any issues over the last 10 years and addressed all of them in this new model. These new features include:

  • one piece tines that go from the front edge all the way up the back. This gives extensive added strength in an area that most competitors have a seem.
  • the quick attach area is solid plate to protect both the operator and the hydraulic quick attach that many new machines have. When loading trucks or bins, it is much safer to the operator if nothing can fall back at the door or worse, the operator, and do damage.
  • the hose routing may be the biggest single upgrade to this grapple. Pinching hoses off when rolling back has been a frustration for operators for many years. Some competitors have the hoses run down the back of the grapple but that also presents ¬†exposure to branches kicked up or the hoses can get run over. This design keeps the hoses up out of the pinch area and in sight.
  • the added structural tube in the top clamps stiffens and resists twisting substantially. It also provides added protection to the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder.

As skid steer loaders and compact track loaders increase in HP and breakout force, choose your grapple wisely. Look close and see why some are priced so cheaply.