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Best Power Box Rake in Wide Sizes

Powerrakeextreme 2

The industry has been asking for a more powerful and more durable soil processor and power box rake in wide sizes for skid steers and compact track loaders. Blue Diamond worked on developing a soil processor that can stand up to tough jobs. This project was in the works for a number of years, and we first released our Extreme Duty Power Rake to market in 2017.

We stand by our power rake as one of the best soil processors in the industry because of how many tough tests we put this attachment through in development. Read on to discover each piece of what makes our power rake great!

Power Box Rake in Wide Sizes

When you’re processing soil, you want to make sure that you have a power box rake in wide sizes that extends beyond your machine’s tires to avoid re-compacting soil. Our Extreme Duty Power Rakes comes in sizes ranging from 48-inches to 96-inches! 

Powerful Motor with Great Torque

We’ve chosen a powerful motor for our power box rake. To increase torque, we use a 6000 series motor that produces about 40% more torque than what is commonly found on the market.

Why not Use Direct Drive?

Direct Drive has many applications, but this is not one of them for the following reasons.

Direct drive requires the use of a bigger drum, which actually reduces torque at the tip of the teeth!

Putting the motor at ground level, leaves the motor and hoses in a vulnerable area and increases damage potential.

Airless Tires

If you have ever used a unit and had a flat tire, you will understand the importance of this.  There’s no need to risk the inconvenience of a flat tire. Our airless tires prevent downtime because of flats and increase productivity!

Designed for All Operators

We’ve produced a power rake that can get the job done for any operator no matter what tools they have!

Replaceable Tooth Options!

Not everyone has a welder around for when a tooth wears down or when a tip pops off. Having a few spare teeth along can keep it running at optimum performance with only a wrench required.

Manual or Hydraulic Angle Options!

Our rakes have 5 different positions and can angle up to 20 degrees in both directions! You can choose from a manually or hydraulically operated angle depending on what works best for your machine.

Airless tires on the power box rake in wide sizes

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in 2017 and has been completely revamped and updated for both accuracy and comprehensiveness.