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Testing New Piston Motor Mini Ex Brush Cutter

Testing new piston motor mini ex brush cutter

Released for sale 4/1/2017. Now available to purchase.


Final testing on our Severe Duty Brush Cutter went better than expected!

Check out this video of it taking out every tree we tried it on!  The redesigned deck shape is definitely an improvement over the previous test, and we’re making one more small tweak in our production run to improve the bite depth of the blades even more.






We are pushing our products to breaking point here at our testing facility.  Guess what product we couldn’t break!


This week, live testing began on the new high torque piston motor mini excavator brush cutter. This 5 piston motor is being tested with a specially designed cross port relief valve that allows the motor to be run in either direction, and doesn’t require a case drain line.  This is literally an industry first, a GIANT leap forward in attachment technology.


We pushed hard, and still never found the breaking point!

  • We started in waist deep, thick wet grass, on a day of over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and mowed for over 3 hours without stopping. From start to finish the oil temperature and machine performance were will within spec.
  • Then we moved onto heavy cutting and the results were astonishing. Anything up to 5” trees this beast would cut down without thinking twice.  From fence posts to wire fence, and even cleaning out a huge sheet of sheet metal, we still ended up with an unscathed cutter.


Literally EVERYTHING about the performance is improved!

  • This unit has been running nearly nonstop all week on an E35 Bobcat excavator, with unbelievable performance. Typically, we would say the this 42” cutter is a bit large for this machine due to the added weight of the large piston motor, but the performance we are seeing is still second to none!
  • Due to the much higher efficiency of this motor, we could easily operate multiple functions. The machine will mow, travel, and swing all at once, with excellent success! Obviously this doesn’t mean it is the same on all brands of machines, but we will be testing many others in time.


So why are we offering this motor option?

  • Most mini excavators are not able to produce a large amount of hydraulic oil flow to the auxiliary function, even with the machine at a standstill. Then try and add another function such as swinging the machine or moving forward, and the power is all but gone.  This is where the piston motor comes in.  This motor is unique in the fact that it retains its torque at any RPM. So when the flow rate drops, the cutter may slow down slightly, but it still has plenty of power. On top of this, the piston motor operates at 96% oil efficiency, versus the 70% of a typical geroler motor.  Keeping in mind both of these points, you could expect about a 40% performance increase in the cutter, as well as substantial increases in the performance of the host machine.
  • On top of this, we are still maintaining one of the most sought after features on the Blue Diamond cutter. The motor does not need a case drain to operate, meaning you can save yourself the hassle of running new hydraulic lines from the motor to the hydraulic reservoir!



In a nut shell, this brush cutter is a beast! For the serious customer it’s a no-brainer!


The end result made up our minds to put this into production ASAP! A small production run is scheduled to produce a number of units for dealers that have already requested these for specific customers and full scale production is scheduled for spring 2017. We are testing a new deck design as well so watch for updated info.