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Why BD: Push Brooms

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When you’re picking out a broom, you want to make sure you are choosing from the best push brooms for skid steers! We pride ourselves on making sure that we always offer the best. Read on to learn about the Blue Diamond® Difference!

What makes the Blue Diamond® Difference?

High Quality: 

Rows of bristles: 

The more rows there are the less dirt is left behind. The Blue Diamond® Standard Duty Push Broom comes with 8 rows of bristles and the Heavy-Duty version comes with 11 rows. 

Length of bristles: 

The longer the bristles are, the longer they will last as short bristles need to be replaced more quickly due to being worn down. At minimum, bristles should be 10” long. The Blue Diamond® Push Broom has 11” bristles that last even longer than the industry standard. Each row of bristles can be replaced individually extending the life of the attachment even longer. 

Simple design: 

The best push brooms are one of the most straightforward attachments. With no moving parts or complicated hydraulics, these brooms are pure function. Time is valuable, and the uncomplicated design means no maintenance and more time spent working.  


Add the optional magnet to pick up and collect small pieces of metal such as nails. These dangerous metal pieces can then be safely disposed. 

Blue Diamond® offers 3 different widths to choose from: 60”, 72”, and 96”. These three widths cover almost every machine.  

Our push brooms can be fitted to skid steers, mini skid steers, or forklifts.

Benefits of a Push Broom 

A push broom features several benefits over rotary or pickup brooms that make it a cheaper and safer option for some uses. The straightforward design makes push brooms efficient tools.  

Safe around people and animals 

Push brooms do not have hydraulics or any moving parts. Because of this simple design, push brooms do not throw objects making this safe to use in crowded areas. There is significantly less risk than brooms with hydraulic parts that can create projectiles.  

Stir up Less Dust

Rotary brooms throw objects and dust into the air. Push brooms stay low to the ground and simply gather dirt and small objects. Less dust in the air is incredibly important in small or enclosed spaces. 

best push broom on asphalt

Non-Abrasive on Floors 

Smooth floors like epoxy need to be protected from scratches. A spinning head broom often leaves marks on floors. Push brooms create less markings leaving floors clean and in good condition.  

Less expensive! 

With fewer moving parts and no hydraulics, push brooms are a less expensive choice all around. These are cheaper to buy than rotary or pickup brooms. No auxiliary power or hydraulics mean cheaper repairs too. With practically no maintenance, these are the simplest brooms.  

Applications of the Push Broom 

There are many situations where a push broom is the best tool over more complicated brooms. The best places to use push brooms are outdoor areas where there could be people or animals. Because these brooms can also be outfitted with a magnet, push brooms are great for collecting small pieces of metal to be safely disposed.  

Outdoor areas:  

  • Park and trail maintenance 
  • Farmyard and barn cleaning 
  • Pushing light snow or leaves 


  • Clearing roads and job sites 
  • Sweeping out trailers 
  • Demolition sites 


  • Barge and ship cleaning 
  • Recycling stations