Blue Diamond reintroduces hydraulic breaker line

July 1 2016


Absolute superiority is the only way to describe this breaker!


After 5 years of very thorough research of the industry, we began to fully understand the drastic unmet needs of the industry.  The Quest to develop a breaker that would satisfy these needs drove us to extremes to be able to offer, technology, simplicity, reliability and ease of set up and service support just to name a few points.


Areas we put focus on included:

  • Not having to adjust flow and pressure of host machine to match the breakers needs
  • Removing the notorious tie rods that break so often and replace it with the Monoblock design
  • Quickest rebuild time in the industry (average 30 minutes) and make it so simple that almost anyone could do it
  • Protect the expensive Monoblock design with sleeves to drastically reduce costs in the event of damage
  • Reliability that is second to none
  • Totally remove the back pressure concerns so prevalent in the competition

Simply put, this is a masterpiece will outlast, out preform and provide the highest return on investment of any breaker period!


Q. What does Monoblock mean?

A. Monoblock reffers to the housing in which the piston operates. The Blue Diamond Breaker housing is a one piece and therefore does not use 4 tie-rods to hold it together like the majority of other brands. The tie-rods stretch and break causing mass destruction

Q.Do I seriously not need to adjust the flow and pressure of my machine?

A. As long as you are operating a breaker on the right size host machine then that is correct. Industry leading technology components will control incoming and outgoing flows to specified amounts

Q. what are the sleeves inside the Monoblock for?

A. The sleeves are there to protect the very expensive Monoblock and if damaged are very simple to replace. The very few brands that use Monoblock technology now do not use sleeves therefore a repair could cost almost as much as the breaker.

Q. Do I have to re-gas when servicing?

A. No, the accumulator can be removed as an assembly and not be disturbed and the energy recovery system keeps it from needing topped up!

Q. In order to have my 2 year warranty honored do I have to have it serviced by a dealer regularly?

A. No, unless it develops an oil leak, do not take it apart at all, just grease it and make money with it!!

HB-400_270x170Blue diamond click here for cutaway view

Check out this customers video!