Can an attachment affect skid steer fuel consumption?


Absolutely it can!
Let’s take a Brush Cutter to start with.

The Blue Diamond extreme duty brush cutter uses 4 cutting blades which provide 33% more cutting ability than a 3 blade and 100% more than a 2-blade unit. The finish look when mowing is visibly different when using these different setups, which means that the 2 and 3 blade models often have to do a second pass in the same path to get and acceptable finished product, or drive much slower to achieve a clean cut. Both of these unnecessary actions can double the fuel usage and hours put on your machine. Let’s talk about cutting larger material like 6” trees. Assuming an average cutter rotation speed of 500 RPMs, as you move into the tree, it is being hit about 16.7 times per second with a 2-blade cutter, 25 times per second with a 3-blade cutter, or 33.3 times per second with a 4-blade cutter. Clearly, our 4 blade cutters increase your productivity substantially over comparably sized machines with fewer blades.

Blue Diamond has focused on getting you through your jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. So many features affect your fuel consumption and the hours you spend on your machine. To name a few more, drop down blades cut cleaner than straight blades, taller deck design with a raised back allows for the deck to clean out faster, and being able to reverse the blade rotation controls discharge direction. To find out more about the features that set us apart, click HERE.

If your machine hours are reduced by 25%, fuel consumption and labor hours follow suit, not to mention the added 25% in productivity each day! Does it not just make sense now to spend a little more on your attachment?

Think about this hard when looking to save money on an attachment;

  1. How will this attachment affect my fuel cost, labor costs and the hours that depreciate my machine?
  2. Is there a more efficient way to do this job so that I can put more of my hard-earned money in my pocket?

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